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Ansgar Clüsserath, Trittenheimer Apotheke, Riesling Kabinett, 2008

Posted by Torsten 13 Jan 2010

Despite its pale lemon colour, this Riesling shines like gold (just in a light, quite pale lemon coloured way). It comes from the Mosel, from a vineyard near the village of Trittenheim, which is called 'Apotheke' - 'Pharmacy' in English (relating to the old-fashioned word Apothecary, of course). While I do normally not go so far as to recommend a wine as medicine, with this one I almost might - it is just such a refreshing joy to drink it.

The nose with its mineral and herbs makes me think of, well, the steep vineyards of the Mosel; add to that refreshing green apples, peach and half-fermented fruit and then finely dust the aromas with icing sugar. A bouquet that says: 'drink me, drink me now!'

On the tongue the wine is very fresh and quite light, with a good mix of mineral, peach, some pineapple and grapefruit. Its 45g/l of residual sugar are nicely balanced with the right amount of freshness, acidity and just the right touch of sour (to accentuate and, well, balance the sweetness), making this wine very quaffable - it is a good thing that it has just 8.5% of alcohol seeing as it goes down so very fast.

This is Mosel Riesling Kabinett-style at its best - a light and fresh wine that is just a joy to drink, with or without food. I had it with pasta with a chilli-carrot sauce, whose spiciness it balanced and improved with sweetness. A few days ago I missed the chance to blind taste a fruity Riesling from Oregon against a German Riesling. This wine could have been a good candidate - and the winner, I think.