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Chateau Lanessan, Haut-Médoc, 1990

Posted by Julian 15 Oct 2009

Brick red colour, going brown on the edges.
Surprisingly wild smell, a little animal even, leather, some tar, some cocoa.
Slender-bodied in the mouth, very fresh acidity, aged cherry and plum flavours, surprisingly rough-grained, rustic tannin that has retained its sharp edge. Nice aftertaste of prunes and coffee that lingers for quite a while.

It this wine were a person, it would have to be a grizzled old sheep herder in a lambswool sweater, nimbly climbing up and down the mountains after his animals. He would no longer wrestle bull rams like he did in his youth, but he would still be up and about. I like this guy a lot, we had a great time. But I can understand that most people, when they get a Bordeaux, are looking for something with more power and polish.