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Dönnhoff, Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle, Riesling Spätlese, 2002

Posted by Julian 17 Nov 2009

What to write about a wine that's so annoyingly perfect that it has the peachy fruit, has the stones, has the sweetness, has the acid, has those first camomile and petrol hints of age, has the balance and has all the elegance that sweet Riesling can bring.

Not much to say about a wine which will let any of the Wine Rambler's snobbish bonmots and bad puns roll of it anyway.

I'll make this confession, then: Us having enjoyed this with a dear friend who not only makes a fiendishly good mousse au chocolat, but also likes good Spätlesen, amid general contentment, I couldn't help this thought creeping its way into my sluggish brain: This wine is too nice. Yeah, it's boring. There, I've said it.

bored & spoilt

Oh, I'd rather get bored with that than get thrilled with some obscure purchase (from that 'source'). We had that that evening. You're spoilt.

I am both, actually!

I am both, actually! Seriously though, I get Julian's point. These days I am much more interested in opening an unknown wine from an obscure source than again drinking something good I already had tasted. It is just so much more exciting to be surprised!


Torsten, I'll have you know that aged wines of obscure origin and purchased experimentally are actually referred to as "stinkers" in this household. Honestly, the ignorance I have to endure.

oh me oh my

Oh me oh my, innocent and ignorant. "There's_something_very_special_I_found_on_eb*y_and_it_wasn't_even_expensive" (gosh - nobody else wanted it) triggers an alarm.

I will leave you two beauties

I will leave you two beauties to fight that out between you. I am with Captain eBay on this on though, as much as I usually stay away from 'that source'.