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Knipser, Riesling Mandelpfad, GG, 2008

Posted by Torsten 26 Jan 2012

The soul is pink. What, you did not know that? To be honest, I didn't either - until I had an encounter with the Riesling pictured below. While the wine was rather heavenly, it was the name that gave me this deep insight into the conditio humana: "Mandelpfad", meaning "almond path". It is not for esoteric reasons that the Knipser brothers chose to name the wine - Mandelpfad simply is the name of a vineyard in the Pfalz region. It is also the name of a scenic path, under almond trees, that leads hikers past many exciting vineyards.

In spring, I imagine, it must be beautiful with pink almond flowers all over the place, and that is apparently what made a tourism marketing writer whose text I just consulted declare that pink is the colour of the soul. Whether that is true I leave with competent experts such as mystics and marketing specialists, but I can tell you a little something about the soul of the Mandelpfad Riesling.

Mandelpfad is a "Großes Gewächs" (i.e. grand cru, a top class dry) Riesling made by wine making brothers whose work we ramblers adore, so I had high hopes.
Riesling sceptics might be pleased to hear that the boquet of the Mandelpfad has almost no sign of petrol or paraffin wax aromas (I love them, I know that some of you don't). There is perhaps a touch of wax, but Mandelpfad will greet you with lovely flora aromas and a fresh richness of fruit - mostly appricot and peach, with a splash of citrus and deep stony mineral. A wine that smells of balance, depth and excitement.

Even better, it tastes almost more harmonius and balanced than it smells, a wine of elegance and some substance with well integrated acidity and a long finish. A lovely blend of enticing stone fruit, herbs and minerality Mandelpfad is also very food friendly.

Mandelpfad is a faultless wine that should give you much pleasure and, relatively, good value too. I have had top class dry Riesling that peaked a little more with regards to excitement, but in terms of balance Mandelpfad is really impressive. And I can assure you that while it has soul its colour is not even close to pink.

This sounds lovely, even with

This sounds lovely, even with the mysticism of a pink soul. Makes me want to find the winery. Cheers.

Think pink

Thanks for sharing! Knipser is especially known for their red wines, bringing them countless awards. Talking pink, you might wanna try their Spätburgunder rosé. Very nice one...

red, pink, white

Over the past few years, Knipser has become a favourite with us Wine Ramblers - red, white, rosé (although we mostly had the latter at tastings). Considering how much of a reputation the Knipsers have for red I am continue to be impressed with the whites, for instance the Kalkmergel dry late harvest...