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Ökonomierat Rebholz, Weißburgunder Spätlese trocken "Im Sonnenschein", Großes Gewächs, 2002

Posted by Julian 24 May 2009

Very dark straw colour, a tinge of gold

Smells of peaches and pineapples pickled in petroleum (there's German white wine for you...), marzipan, dried herbs, and smoke. Reminded me somewhat of the more powerful Grüne Veltliners.

Great density and an oily, liqueurish mouth-feel, some maturity (camomile tea, bread), but most of all great smoky minerality. The finish of dried peaches, smoke and salted almonds is long and intense.

The Ökonomierat had to stand up to veal escallops with sage and parma ham, which might have been a suicide mission, but he came out quite the hero.

Not a wine to have every other day, but then today wasn't every other day, and this is not a wine like many others.

It seems I have missed

It seems I have missed something quite spectacular! I do really feel like Weißburgunder these days...