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Prinz von Hessen, Riesling Dachsfilet, 2011

Posted by Torsten 08 Feb 2014

This skin-contact Riesling is reviewed in more detail in our article Two Princes. The short summary, lacking horribly in context, is below.

The nose is slatey, it smells of a dewy morning, seasoned with sharp, green flowers, stone fruit, citrus, nuts and a hint of burnt potato peel. On the tongue the pronounced texture and good acidity of the 2010 return, to reveal a wine of a elegance that, despite a certain depth, I would mostly characterise as fresh joy. It is slatey, has herbal background flavours, juicy fruit, the textures of candy and a touch of beeswax in a finish that at first is a little bitter and then ends in freshness. If you have the Dachsfilets without food I find the 2011 more exciting and precisely balanced.