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Reinhold Haart, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen, Riesling Kabinett, 2010

Posted by Torsten 12 Mar 2013

There is nothing unusual with me drinking Mosel Riesling from the village of Piesport. Quite the opposite in fact - it would not be far off to call this my favourite tipple. This time it was unusual though as I tasted the Kabinett from the Goldtröpfchen vineyard blind, against a much cheaper Mosel wine produced for the export market.

Why would I do that? It is a long-ish story, but if you care you can read it in my open letter to Waitrose. For the moment let's just say I needed to demonstrate what a good wine from the Mosel village of Piesport tastes like.

And I was not let down. The colour of the Riesling is a little more on the paler side of straw, but with a nice touch of gold - and a few tiny tiny bubbles at first. The bouquet is one of glorious peach and herbs, spiced with lemon and a touch of faint chilli. The herbs are just lovely - think herb candy - and go nicely with the caramelised fruit aromas and a touch of aromatic vegetable. All these elements appear again on the tongue, making the Riesling a joy to drink because of its good balance between caramelised sweetness and acidity that ends in a lovely finish with a zing aftertaste. Mineral lurks in the background too; a real joy to drink!