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Van Volxem, Saar Riesling, 2007

Posted by Torsten 21 Jul 2009

Nice yellow colour and even nicer mineral in the nose; also notes of vegetable, citrus fruit and peach. The nose is not very intense, but quite pleasant. Pleasant is also a key word for my palate reaction to this wine. Mineral, a bit of candied peach with nice, almost creamy mineral and well integrated fresh acidity. A very presentable dry Riesling that is smooth enough to be very drinkable - not too fruity, not super dry, also no petrol notes, just nicely balanced and good with and after food (in our case pasta with a artichoke carbonara).

Don't expect your world to be shaken by this Riesling, but do expect a really nice time and some regret that the bottled emptied itself so fast.