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Weingut Schnaitmann, Muskattrollinger Rosé, 2009

Posted by Julian 10 May 2010

Before we give this unexpectedly gorgeous rosé from - get this - Württemberg its due, a word about its grape variety: Muskattrollinger is a cross between - you'd never have guessed it - Trollinger and Muscat that has been grown in Württemberg since the mid 19th century. Trollinger is the signature grape of Württemberg and usually produces very light, unmistakeably fruity reds - usually. Muscat is well known and adds its trademark floral explosiveness to the genetic mix.

And what a mix it is: It starts with an appetising salmon-copper-colour. It has red and white currants (yeah, get the white currants), gooseberry, elderberry and orange in its smell, and great fresh acidity and intensive spicy and floral fruit flavours in its taste. Wonderfully light on the alcohol as well. We are not known as the world's greatest rosé advocates here at the Wine Rambler, but you simply need to call a killer wine a killer wine.

Mmmmh. Could I get a refill, please?Mmmmh. Could I get a refill, please?

Good with our simple fried cod with butter, lemon and thyme. But, honestly, there's no need to worry unduly about food combinations. To shine, this marvellous rosé needs nothing more than a warm evening and someone whose taste buds have not gone dead.

As much as I wish to have been the one who discovered and first sang the praises of this wine, this honour duly belongs to ever-watchful Captain Cork.

A Swabian rosé, who would

A Swabian rosé, who would have thought! That's all I am saying.

Swabian Rosé and Lentil Salad

Opened our second bottle of this spontaneously with a lentil salad (food porn alert!). An eminently lunch-worthy wine.