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Zehnthof Luckert, Sulzfelder Cyriakusberg Müller-Thurgau trocken 2008

Posted by Julian 02 Oct 2010

Reviewed in our Müller-Thurgau report, and updated accordingly:

Light straw colour

Smells like ripe apples, sliced raw Kohlrabi (cabbage turnip?) and maybe a little freshly cut grass. In the mouth, mild acidity, again ripe apple fruit and an earthy, limestony kind of minerality.

Quite an achievement for Luckert to get such power and relative depth out of a grape variety otherwise known for high yields and little character. It could easily pass for a dry Silvaner Spätlese, both in taste and in substance.

If you

a) have had a Silvaner from Franken before and liked it,

b) usually drink low-acidity, fuller-bodied whites like unoaked chardonnays or pinot grigios, and want to try something similar, but new, or

c) are a fan of vegetable dishes,

then this wine could be for you.

P.S.: One more bottle of this left here, Torsten

P.P.S.: The same winery's 2008 Muskateller trocken, although in a completely different style, was also enjoyed very much by a wine rambler full comittee meeting.

Conny will be pleased

Conny will be very pleased - she has complained a lot to me that we do not seem to even notice wine from Franken (Franconia).

And I am very pleased to hear that you have kept a bottle!

There's more

I put up another older tasting note just to appease Conny. If drinking "Trockene Schmitts" doesn't show my franconian loyality, I don't know what will.


I am very pleased;-) What about a Franconian wine tasting next time in Munich? Or even in Würzburg: Hofgartenweinfest ?