A Merry Wine Rambling Christmas 2012

A Merry Wine Rambling Christmas 2012

Munich. It is late on Christmas Eve. Snow falls, it is icy and families are sitting around the hearth. No, wait. There is no snow. There is no ice. It is not even cold. Earlier today I arrived in Germany to spend Christmas with my folks and found that summer rules in the lands of Bavaria. A record breaking 20.7C measured in the city centre of Munich! Goodbye to the German cliché of Christmas then, at least for this year. And goobye to the idea of decorating this Christmas post with an illustration of German Christmas Gemütlichkeit, as I had planned.

So I have to resort to an illustration of American Christmas cosiness - "here is one I have prepared earlier" (Newport Bridge, as seen from Jamestown CT a little over a week ago). Maybe not such a bad thing to be more international, after all our readers come from all over the world. So wherever you are this Christmas, the Wine Ramblers send their love and all the best wishes for a great holiday, health and good wine!

Submitted by Guest Monday, 24/12/2012

Thanks for another year of great reading. All the best for 2013.

A fan from Oregon

Submitted by Julian Saturday, 29/12/2012

Belatedly but no less merrily, I join in those greetings. I also supply the Bavarian picture that was missed earlier, and hope it's not too gloomy for the season.