Weinhandlung Kreis

A German wine merchant that offers wine from several European countries but is particularly strong on France, Italy, Austria and Germany. Go directly to <a href="http://www.wein-kreis.de">their website</a>. Below are the wines we tasted from this source.

Chateau Cambon, Beaujolais, 2009

This spring, I discovered Beaujolais. The really astonishing thing in retrospect is how ignorant I was before I stumbled upon one, whereas you of course don't need me to tell you that good Beaujolais, high-end Beaujolais, is to cheap supermarket Beaujolais as Liebfraumilch is to great-growth Riesling. Yawn.

So I can probably keep it short: Beaujolais yummy. Chateau Cambon yummy, too?