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Submitted by Alexander Wednesday, 12/12/2012

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Thank you for the praise :-).

A return to roots can be mixed; Swabian author Hermann Hesse wrote a novelette on such a topic, called "Die Heimkehr" (Returning Home):
An adult man, now arrived and well-to-do, with much money to invest, returns to the small Swabian town that he once fled as a youngster, a bit like Dürrenmatt's Old Lady. Initially honoured and fawned by the notables, he soon discovers that things and people have not much changed. They made a film out of it for TV earlier in this year. Not bad. And even a mention of wine is not lacking:
"doch die Stammtischhocker sind noch genauso borniert wie einst und johlen erst freundlich, als ihnen ein Wein - "aber d'r beschde, den sie habe!" - ausgegeben wird."
("... but the pub inhabitants are as narrow-minded as ever, and only begin to cheer their long-lost son when invited by him to free wine - "but awnly from de best!" they demand).

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