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Submitted by torsten Monday, 24/12/2012

Thank you for your kind words and Christmas wishes, Solomon. Frohe Weihnachten and all the best for you and your family too!

My co-Ramber Julian (who is currently far far away from any internet access, to celerate Christmas in style) seems to have a similar scepticism towards Chardonnay. And frankly, there is a lot of Chardonnay out there that is best avoided; however, that is no reason not to seek out the good stuff. I am glad to read that you have had success with Baden Chardonnay. There are other producers in Germany who make excellent Chardonnay, at different price points (the Chardonnay tag below the post will lead you to some of them).

You will probably have looked into this already, but if you haven't I would also like to encourage you to explore Chablis - should be more readily available and usually not heavily oaked (or not oaked at all of course), so it should also excite Krista.

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