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Submitted by Solomon Mengeu Tuesday, 27/05/2014

Yes Torsten I do agree with you, the Loire has some incredible value wines both red & white. I knew about Pouilly Fume previously but in my recently concluded WSET Level II class our instructor introduced us to Vouvary. I don't have my tasting notes with me right now, but I remember it was a pleasant wine and it was interesting to taste. I hadn't had too many non-dry Chenin Blancs before that; so that was an educational experience for me.

As far as Loire reds are concerned I quite like their Cabernet Francs and find them a bit lighter and at times more elegant than Right Bank Bordeaux. I think Loire wines are easier to pair with food than Bordeaux and they are often friendlier in price than Burgundy and offer good quality.

Can you recommend any Riesling Sekt producers and particularly ones that you might be able to find overseas? Thanks in advance.


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