Karlheinz Schneider, Riesling trocken, 2010

Karlheinz Schneider, Riesling trocken, 2010

My co-rambler is away, ostensibly vacationing in an undisclosed location in Cornwall, but I can reveal that he is really working on a piece of investigative journalism to reveal the craziness of some German wine makers. Like you, I don't have the faintest idea what may be coming. Anything from mild eccentricities to all-out insanity could be on the ticket.

Here's one thing I know about German wine makers, though (segue alert!): They can make quality dry Riesling at crazy prices. Case in point: Karlheinz Schneider, an all but unknown producer from the Nahe, itself an all but unknown region (excepting Dönnhoff!) in the rest of the world.

For a paltry sum, Schneider will put onto your table a Riesling of unreproachable decency: A nose of green apples and unripe pears, not so much the classic peach and apricot of many dry Rieslings. But there are traces of underlying minerality in it, and a dry chalkiness that promises straight Riesling performance.

And that is not long in coming: Citrussy (that a word?) acidity that is tightly wound, but not overpowering, some beeswax, a little dusty, a little stony. Refreshing and solidly made, if a little one-dimensional.

Not a monster of depth and polish, then, nor a bottle to keep for the grandchildren, but for 4,90€, who's complaining? A recommendation, if you get the chance.


Submitted by Alex Saturday, 22/10/2011

Already finished an entire 6 bottles case of this wine! Unbeatable PQR!

Submitted by Julian Monday, 24/10/2011

In reply to by Alex

Same here, Alex. Indeed, I would not advise anyone to drink less than 6 bottles of this.

Submitted by torsten Monday, 24/10/2011

In reply to by Julian

Now you guys are just being greedy. You should consider the exiles who have tears on their faces when they look at the ridiculously low prices. You have no idea what I'd get in the UK for that money...

Submitted by torsten Monday, 24/10/2011

This is exactly what I would like to find more of in the UK. Sadly, the tax regime and the limited amount of this stuff that gets exported make it very hard. It costs about twice as much here to get a decent Riesling...