Markus Molitor, Wehlener Klosterberg, Weißburgunder* 2006

Markus Molitor, Wehlener Klosterberg, Weißburgunder* 2006

I have been looking forward to opening this bottle for almost a year, ever since I bought it at the winery in June 2008. From the tasting, I remembered that I liked it a lot. And now I like it even more.

The Klosterberg is very clean, really fresh with bits of lemony acidity, embedded in a creamy, minerally nuttiness, sprinkled with bits of shellfish. A little bit of vegetable too in a wine that is juicy, creamy, refreshing and very smooth, with just the right amount of acidity. I found it well balanced and very drinkable.


Submitted by torsten Sunday, 02/05/2010

A year later, I opened another bottle of Markus Molitor's Pinot Blanc. It is still juicy, fresh, creamy and very smooth. It is also still quite lively and goes very well with fish and asparagus. Interestingly, for the first two days or so after opening the bottle it smelled and tasted of vanilla. A lot. Almost too much, I have to say. On the third day, however, that vanilla sensation mostly disappeared and left us with a wine that was as easy to drink as ever.

I used this occasion to take a picture and add it to the original review (back then I had no camera...).