Sutor, Chardonnay, 2006

Sutor, Chardonnay, 2006

When it comes to wine, it is always worth keeping an eye on central and eastern Europe. When browsing the shelves at Philglas & Swiggot the other day I remembered this maxim and went for a highly recommended Chardonnay from a Slovenian winery. Sutor are located in the Vipava Valley, an extension of the Friuli. Charonnay is quite popular there, as it is in Slovenia in general (where it is the most planted white variety), and as I had not had a Chardonnay in a while, I took the Sutor home with me.

The first visual impression, the label, was followed by an even more pleasant sight, a shiny, light golden colour with brown notes, in particular with a sherry brown round the edges. Certainly a wine that is good to look at!

Interestingly, the bouquet reflected the colour mix of gold and brown with citrus fruit and nut, all very nicely combined with some pear, dust, a hint of wood/wood polish and toasty aromas (from the barrique barrels in which this wine has been matured). Elegant, the fruit more on the reserved site but still well defined.

On the tongue a full but not very heavy wine. Clearly dry and a little brown in taste, the Chardonnay combined nut with ground pepper and other spices, delicate fruit and a hint of toasty flavours, with the oak well integrated. Smooth on the tongue and well structured it really came to its own with a finish that started a little bitter, following which it got really zingy on my gum, then turned more full and creamy and finished off with a little spice. For the curious it has to be added that it got a little fruitier on the second day with an even more crisp finish.

A nicely balanced wine that went quite well with my veal escalopes and roast potatoes but may be even better with shellfish or the like. I really liked it and if it were a little cheaper I would be happy to sing its praise more vocally.


Submitted by Julian Monday, 12/07/2010

Eastern Europe (used in a broad and fairly ignorant sense) is no doubt the area where the most interesting wine discoveries await the adventurous Rambler. We also haven't heard from Molly about what's afoot in Hungary for a while. Just saying...

Submitted by torsten Monday, 12/07/2010

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I was careful to also include Central Europe! Interestingly, there seems to be a lot of debate about where one ends and the other one starts. Just recently, I came across a taxonomy for research projects and it included only Eastern and Western Europe. This is bound to confuse generations of researchers to come...

Anyway, my sources tell me that Molly will soon be on another wine trip, but to Germany this time. Let's wait and see what stories she brings back. But you are right, we may have to expand our network for correspondents!