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Submitted by nd Thursday, 20/01/2011

I've been following your ramblings ever since I googled for comments on Knipser's Cuvee X 2005, which I had with a friend a few months back. And now seems a good time as any to leave a comment. Especially since I had just been to the Berchers a couple of weeks back and tasted pretty much all their available wines, which Arne Bercher was kind enough to do. He presented their wines in pairs of two of the same varietal/grade/vintage from different vineyards resulting in a comparison of loess v. volcanic soil. Generally the loess wines seemed more approachable (at least that's what my notes claim) while the volcanic ones were more spicy. I only made a few sketchy notes since I didn't have a lot of time.
Weissburgunder Feuerberg Kabinett tr 2009 was tasty and had a fine/precise bitterness to it, which I quite enjoyed (8,50 EUR).
Weissburgunder Sasbacher Limburg Spätlese tr 2009 was extremely precise and smooth. (12,50 EUR)
Weissburgunder Feuerberg GG tr 2009: exciting tension, long finish, needs to settle (18 EUR)
Grauburgunder Schlossgarten Kabinett tr 2009: smooth entry, clear/fresh with a light bite to it (8,30 EUR)
Grauburgunder Feuerberg Spätlese tr 2009: good acidity, fruit unprecise (13,10 EUR)
I enjoyed the wines and got the Kabinetts, but wasn't totally over the moon. But this has mostly to do with me preferring Riesling to the WB/GB in general.

I had their red selection as well, but guess I'll save these ramblings for another day.


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