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Knipser, Blauer Spätburgunder, 2007

A little while ago I discussed the question of how much a value Pinot Noir should cost with a Canadian and an American on Twitter. With different currencies and tax/duty regimes it was not the easiest discussion, but I made the point that at least in Germany you should get decent Pinot for around, or a little above, ten Euro. Today we are looking at a German Pinot, from one of the country's best "red" wineries, for less than that.

Blauer Spätburgunder = Pinot Noir
Blauer Spätburgunder = Pinot Noir

Can Knipser's basic Pinot Noir be my new reference point for value?

With its dark cherry colour the Pinot certainly looks the part. It also smells the part, with a nose that is both smooth and enticing. Good fruit (mostly Mon Chéri cherry) and a nuanced earthiness come together with herbal aromas, cocoa, liquorice and a subtle hint of substantial meat-broth. So far very convincing.

Luckily, the story does not end here. The wine is also a joy to drink. Polished and well rounded, it has both substance and good acidity, all in a smooth balance, ending in a tingly spicy finish with very subtle wood aromas - the wine was aged in used oak barrels. The tannins are well integrated too. A Pinot with substance and some complexity, it is interesting enough to keep the snob engaged and at the same time well rounded enough to be a joyful drinking companion.

And for less than ten Euro a bottle it is also very good value. Recommended.

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