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Submitted by torsten Friday, 13/04/2012

Of all the blind tastings we did, or I was involved in, this was clearly the revelation for me. As Julian said, how it could it have been any clearer? How could the complex, dough, yeasty tasting wine with the fabulous bubbles not be the internationally renowned Nyetimber? I was really, really surprised. In this tasting France was the underdog, and I expected England to dominate it. And yet, it did not. If you leave all the preconceptions aside there is no question that the Nyetimber is a good sparkler. However, at a third of the price the Vouvray was so sensationally good, I am still amazed. I loved Chenin Blanc before we did this tasting, but now I am even more in awe what a skilled winemaker can do with this grape.

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