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Submitted by Alexander Tuesday, 18/12/2012

See what you have done!

You have made me taste two more alcoholic beverages from Dolde. One was a 2010 Pinot noir Barrique, one was a 2011 Sparkling of "Black" Pear (very old local trees of an allegedly rare cider variant). Both were bought at the same wineshop.

- The red wine was very dark and presumbably unfiltrated, in taste okay and decent (nothing great though, but fair and honest, and worth at least half of its price of 12 or 14 €). This was not a question of decanting and aeration, the wine had had its fours hours in the decanter and was retasted the next day with the same result. A 2009 Hochburger from the Badenian Breisgau region pleased us - including two US tasters who are true sniffing hounds for German pinot - a lot more.

- The sparkling of pear (méthode Champénoise) was very original and remarkable, an excellent apéritif with low alcohol (8,5 %), and better than many German sparklings from grapes. Plus it was affordable with 9 €. Its tannic propensities are remarkable (typical for such cider pears meant for Swabian Biramoscht), but the sparkling has a beautiful nose, indeed her bouquet was more attractive and seductive than a much more voluptuous William Christ spirit of pear. Her ending however is bit short-tailed, and inasmuch as an apéritif corresponded to Oscar Wilde's famous definition of a perfect pleasure ("A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?").

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