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Submitted by Apicius Sunday, 22/11/2015

Don't be snobby if it comes to German Müller-Thurgau! MT has to be put into the category "simple but good".

The reason that MT is so underrated may be that most of it is not planted in the best terroirs which are reserved for the Rieslings. MT is less demanding than Riesling, it is less sensitive to spring forst and so less risky.

While it is being produced in all wine regions in Germany, one of the most popular Müller Thurgau's is the budget priced "Volkacher Kirchberg" from Franconia. It is a mass wine easily available. I like its specific nutmeg tone, which comes out best in the semisweet version. I find it too aromatic to go with fish, but it is a good food partner with traditional meat dishes like pork roasts.

Similar to Rieslings, MT's can differ a lot depending on terroir and treatmant. Many MT are indeed boring. A completely different style of MT is presented by the Winzergenossenschaft Mayschoss from the Ahr valley. Their MT (called Rivaner) has lots of fruit, very fresh, straightforward with almost no nutmeg at all.

The complicted name MT is widely replaced by the new naming "Rivaner" which stresses its resemblance to the Rieslig grape and has been introduced for marketing reasons.

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