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Prinz von Hessen, Riesling Dachsfilet, 2010

This skin-contact Riesling is reviewed in more detail in our article Two Princes. The short summary, lacking horribly in context, is below.

The 2010 is a wine of lighter yellow, with a nose of really lovely citrus fruit, juicy peach, nectarine peel, herbal aniseed, a touch of raisins in (apple) cake dough and a fresh seashore saltiness. The fruit theme continues on the tongue, with lots of juicy fruit - including quaffable stone fruit such as apricot but also more bitter apple - and herbs. The juiciness gives the Riesling nice roundness but towards the finish bitter citrus and the noticeable acidity feature more strongly, until all ends in lovely juiciness again. If you hold it in your mouth for a little longer the bitterness shows more. You don't need to do that to experience the texture though - acidity and a certain grip balance the residual sugar. It is that element that lifts the wine above the level of "just" an enjoyable Riesling. I'd recommend the Dachsfilet with food - residual sugar and acidity made my smoked trout with radish sing.

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