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Dr. Heyden, Silvaner trocken (Litre bottle), 2008

Being about a Litre bottle, the hardest part of this review was, of course, the choice of pun: "Following the litre" is lame, "Take me to your litre" is good, but has already been taken (I can't remember where I've read it). I'll have to come back to you on the puns. First, here's the message: Anyone can make an expensive wine that is at least very good. To make an estate-grown, non-industrial cheap wine that is enjoyable and has character, that's the difficult part. Dr. Heyden has joined the contest for Litre of the Pack (sorry) with his 2008 Silvaner, and we are talking 3,90 € for 1000 ml of it.

Hay, ripe apples, a hint of vegetable, soft without being boneless, nicely typical of the grape, mild but stable acidity. What can I say? Very good, supremely drinkable wine.

So it will have to be all hail to our Litre - and praise for the good doctor for this outstanding achievement.

Oh, and how about Litre of the free world, should Dr. Heyden ever push into the U.S. market?

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